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Glass Window Bonding


Years of development and engineering went into this convertible top window bonding method. The objective was to design and develop a manufacturing method and process that would virtually eliminate window separation or leaking....the number one failure for glass window convertible tops. The result was a patented production technology that involves wrapping the fabric around an internal ring that adheres to the glass. A new bonding agent was specially created by 3M engineers based on military specification during the development phase to ensure this adhesive, when applied in a multi-step automated process, could withstand extreme tension in all temperatures.


From the exterior, the edge around the window has a clean, finished appearance with no piping needed to hide stitching, gluing or imperfections that arise from other bonding methods. From the interior you can see the metal or plastic ring holding the window and fabric in place. This ring is not visible once the convertible top headliner has been re-installed.

The quality of the powder coated steel ring, and the perfectly fit and bonded window is evident from the interior view. The ring does does not interfere with the electrical connections and the convertible top functions as normal.

With the Infinity Glass Window Bond, you will no longer have to be concerned with any separation or leaking problems after the new top is installed.


To ensure the exact quantity, placement and even distribution of adhesive during the production process, a entirely new manufacturing system had to be invented. And, since not all convertible top windows are the same, unique tooling had to be engineered and manufactured to ensure the ring and window lined up perfectly every time as the bonding agent is applied by the robot. The multiple steps, or phases, in the production process match the custom engineered tool and ring to the window for each vehicle. The fabric has been carefully notched by a computer controlled cutter around the radius of the ring to ensure proper adhesion around the entire perimeter to eliminate potential of leaking. The technology is unique and protected by worldwide patents.

As a result of this technology, in addition to tens of thousand of products shipped with years of real world reliability testing in the field, SIERRA Auto Tops & Seats is able to offer a One Year Warranty on the window bond.

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SIERRA Auto Tops & Seats is a direct to consumer brand of premium convertible tops, headliners, boot covers and selected seat kits for a large selection of American, European and Japanese made cars. Products are built to stock and ready to be shipped quickly around the world direct to the consumer.

To help ensure proper fit and finish, and protect the convertible owners investment, SIERRA recommends that their tops be installed by Professional Installers. Professional Installers have the tools, skills, adhesives, knowledge and experience to install these products correctly.