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Convertible Top Production is a master distributor of premium convertible tops. Our convertible tops have been designed to our exacting specifications starting with uncompromising attention to quality and engineering. Our fit is second to none as we design and prototype our own patterns which have been time tested with thousands of successful installations.

When you purchase a replacement convertible top for your car you want a good price and fast delivery and we can provide that better than anyone. But, you are also concerned about the technical aspects of your new convertible top such as:

How Well Does the Top Fit Your Car

A lot of things must come together properly for a convertible top to have a good fit including the accuracy of the original patterns, the consistency of the production methods, the quality and consistency of the fabrics, the experience of the people, the manufacturing equipment, and the production methods. And, the company must be driven to make the best product for the market.

An experienced pattern maker knows how to work with the various canvas and vinyls to create a consistent product. They know the differences in elasticity between a German A5 and American Stayfast and adjust patterns accordingly for each material. They also know that you cannot always swap materials using the same pattern an expect perfect results. At Auto Tops Direct the patterns are designed not only for your car, but for the material used in the manufacture of your convertible top to ensure the best possible fit. That is why we are able to provide our 100% Fit Guarantee.

How Good are the Fabrics Used in Your Top

Made with Haartz Material Auto Tops Direct is committed to using the original equipment manufacturer's materials. That includes Haartz German A5 Sonnenland, Twillfast II, Twillfast RPC, Stayfast, Sailcloth Vinyl and Japanese imported Cabrio Vinyls for Miata and Honda, British imported Everflex vinyls for classic Jaguars. Whenever possible we will offer material options at different price points, but will always let you know what was original and what is a secondary option.

Auto Tops Direct convertible tops are always cut from the same roll of material to ensure the color, texture and thickness are consistent from the front section, quarter panels and everything in between. The patterns have been created by hand and tested in production and on vehicles for the perfect fit. Then, those patterns are digitized so the material can be consistently cut by computer controlled Gerber cutting equipment over and over again.

How is Your Convertible Top Manufactured

You want to know that your new convertible top will last. Excellent materials, patterns, equipment and people come together to make an Auto Tops Direct convertible top the best available. Our factory has been a leader in convertible top manufacturing in the USA for nearly three decades with automated equipment like Gerber Cutting tables capable of incredible accuracy, or specialized equipment to heat-seal seams and listings instead of only sewing or gluing in place.

And, for our Glass Window Convertible Tops, they are bonded using a patent pending, proprietary bonding system... read more about it here.

Auto Tops Direct convertible tops go a step beyond many others by not only sewing seams, but taking the extra effort to di-electrically weld or heat-seal those seams to ensure they will be durable and long lasting.

Auto Tops Direct tops are manufactured in the USA by one of the world's leading soft-top and trim companies with over 35 years experience. The factory utilizes the most modern, automated equipment and only top quality original materials. Sewn by master craftsmen their uncompromising attention to detail and quality is apparent in each and every product shipped.

We stand behind our products with a Infinity Glass Window Bonding and 5-Year Warranty on most everything else. Most items ship from stock within 24-48 hours. Exact patterns, easy installation, imaginative engineering and old world craftsmanship all add up to make the industry's best convertible top value for your vehicle.