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1990-2005 Mazda Miata Convertible Tops

Replace your old, worn convertible top with a new Miata soft top replacement made in the USA using the highest quality materials and a new glass window. Using patterns created by experienced craftsmen, we take factory original fabrics and materials to ensure that your Miata replacement top boasts a pristine appearance and flawless construction. When you are ready for a new soft top make Auto Tops Direct your first stop.

Guaranteed to Fit or Your Money Back

All of our convertible tops are 100% guaranteed to fit perfectly on your Mazda convertible right from the box. If not, we will replace your item or refund the purchase price.

Infinity Glass Window Bond

With the Infinity Glass Window Bond, you will no longer have to be concerned with any separation or leaking problems after the new top is installed.

Years of development and engineering went into this convertible top window bonding method. The objective was to design and develop a manufacturing method and process that would virtually eliminate window separation or leaking....the number one failure for glass window convertible tops. The result was a patented production technology that involves wrapping the fabric around an internal ring that adheres to the glass. A new bonding agent was specially created by 3M engineers based on military specification during the development phase to ensure this adhesive, when applied in a multi-step automated process, could withstand extreme tension in all temperatures.

To ensure the exact quantity, placement and even distribution of adhesive during the production process, a entirely new manufacturing system had to be invented. And, since not all convertible top windows are the same, unique tooling had to be engineered and manufactured to ensure the ring and window lined up perfectly every time as the bonding agent is applied by the robot. The multiple steps, or phases, in the production process match the custom engineered tool and ring to the window for each vehicle. The fabric has been carefully notched by a computer controlled cutter around the radius of the ring to ensure proper adhesion around the entire perimeter to eliminate potential of leaking. The technology is unique and protected by worldwide patents.

Miata Convertible Top Glass Window

Convertible Top Options:

  • Choose from 2-piece factory original or one-piece streamline styles
  • Choose zippered and non-zippered heated glass windows
  • Optionally add a new factory installed rain rail

The original 1989-1997 Mazda Miata convertible top, referred to as the OE style top, is a 2-piece design with a plastic window section zippered into the top deck section. The upgraded top includes a new tinted and heated glass window. The top deck is made with a deck seam down both sides and has quarter panels that overlap the window section, as original.

Our non-factory one-piece budget top is an economical alternative for the factory Miata tops. These one-piece glass window tops are made from the same materials and quality and retain the original Deck Seams look, without the overlapping quarter panels.

Why You Should Consider a Pre-installed Rain Rail

We offer both designs either with or without a rain rail. A rain rail is a U-shaped, molded ABS plastic piece that attaches to the rear bottom of the convertible top. It directs any water collected, out drain holes to keep it from entering your interior cabin and trunk.

Unless your top is leaking, you may not a new rain rail, however, there are good reasons you should consider getting one anyway.

There is a significant amount of time and labor involved to drill out the old rain rail and reinstall it on a new top properly - without any wrinkles. If you are doing it yourself, and are sure your existing rain rail is in good shape then you can save some money by purchasing a new top without the rain rail, but if your rain rail is brittle or cracked it will leak and cause problems. We offer the option to add a factory installed rain rail. We'll professionally install the rain rail to the convertible top before shipping. This only adds one day to the delivery at most, but may be done the same day.

Do It Yourself Installation Guide

We highly recommend a professional install your convertible top, but if you want to do it yourself we have detailed Installation instructions Included as a PDF download when you complete your order. Download the guide from the order complete page or by going to your account.

Fast Delivery

We stock thousands of convertible tops and headliners and can ship most items on the same day or within 24 hours. For those items that are not in stock, we can have your order custom manufactured and shipped direct to you within three days.

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1990-2005 Mazda Miata Soft Convertible Top Replacement w/ Glass Window

Factory Style Convertible Top Features

With a factory style Miata convertible top from Auto Tops Direct you get factory-style bindings, listings, and deck seams that are heat-sealed like original, with sewn-in plastic retainer attachments and pre-punched holes for easier and more accurate installation

Miata Convertible Top Glass Window Upgrade

Our Miata Tops are ready to install out of the box. No sewing required. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible product and do it at a great price.

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