Mazda Miata has become one of the world's best selling convertibles!

2001 Mazda Miata Convertible
First produced in 1989 as a 1990 model, Miata (MX-5) is now in it's third generation of design.
The original factory soft top, referred to as an OE Style top, was a 2 piece design with the window section zippered into the top deck section. The window was a clear plastic. The top deck was made with a deck seam down both sides and had quarter panels that overlapped the window section. Original material was 38oz Cabrio Vinyl in black and tan. In 1991 Mazda offered an optional removable hardtop.

The Gen 2 top continued with the same 2 piece zippered design, however the plastic window was replaced with glass. Cabrio Vinyl in black and tan was still offered but in 2003 Stayfast Cloth was added as an option. Stayfast colors were 2514 Med Neutral; 848 Black; 2776 Dk Blue and 2009 Gray 

The MX-5 was completely redesigned for 2006. The soft top is a non zippered 1 piece design without the deck seams and overlapping quarter panels. Cabrio Vinyl in black and parchment as well as Stayfast Cloth in 848 Black and 2944 Brick are the material choices.

All Glass Window Miata tops are designed to fit the 1999-2005 model years. They can be installed on the 1990-1997 models as an upgrade. New Bow Straps, which are included, must be installed on the top to make them fit the 1990-1997 models.If you are upgrading to a heated defroster glass window you will need to purchase and install a Mazda OE wire harness, part # N007-67-060A. The 1990 Miata does not have the vehicle wiring required to install this harness so it is recommended that a defroster window top not be purchased for this vehicle.

WARNING:   If the vehicle does not have a separate heater/defogger switch, the defroster window heat grids will activate when the fan switch is turned on. Serious damage to the top and/or interior may occur if this happens. NEVER OPERATE THE FAN, HEATER OR A/C WITH THE TOP IN THE DOWN POSITION ON VEHICLES THAT DON'T HAVE THE SEPARATE HEATER/DEFOGGER SWITCH

NON FACTORY 1 PIECE TOPS offers a 1 piece alternative to the OE Style Factory top.These Budget Tops are made with the same materials and quality but because of the design changes they are less expensive than the OE Style. The Budget Top retains the original Deck Seams so the look is like the original top.

All Mata's have a plastic rain rail attached to the bottom of the top. The rain rail channels water down and out the drain holes in the body. The existing rain rail may be reused providing it is in serviable condition however replacing it is highly recommended. rivets the rain rail to the top which makes the installation easier and about 1 hour quicker.