Mazda Miata Convertible Tops

If you need a new convertible top for your Mazda Miata convertible, look no further than Auto Tops Direct. Auto Tops Direct offers Mazda owners many choices when it comes to choosing a new Mazda Miata convertible top.

There are several factors that could lead to you needing a new convertible top. If you have had the same convertible top for many years, natural wear and tear will inevitably take a toll on the top. For instance, weather is one factor that leads to this wear and tear. The sun can age the convertible top and conditions like snow and rain can result in water damage. Debris can also lead to tears and rips that cause leaks. The better care you take of your top, including cleaning it regularly, the longer your top will last. However, after a certain amount of years it may be time for a brand new top!

Buying a new top is an exciting decision for the convertible owner. It is almost like giving the car a little bit of a makeover. There are many different options that you can go with to give your car a different look. Which tops you can choose for your car will depend on several factors including they year of your car.

You will have to make many decisions that will be determined by the overall look of the top that you want. For instance do you want glass windows or plastic windows? Do you want to go with a vinyl top or a canvas top? Each of these choices has its advantages and disadvantages. You can also make the decision to choose a top that comes with rain rails or one that does not.

One of the important factors that will probably effect your choice of Mazda Miata convertible top is your budget. At Auto Tops Direct you can find the appropriate top for your Mazda Miata within your budget. For instance for Miata 1990 to 1997 you can buy a one piece top for as low as $249. If your vehicle is a Miata 1990-2005 you can purchase a top with a heated glass window for a low as $339 at Auto Tops Direct. Auto Tops direct offers many great affordable options so that you can find the top that is just right for you.

One thing to consider when deciding on the top is which top will last long term. If you are planning on driving the car for several more years it is worth noting that cloth tops generally last longer. Vinyl tops may be a little easier to clean but they can also get cracks which is one reason why the do not always last as long as cloth tops. However, cloth tops are also more expensive overall.

No matter what aesthetic you want for you top or what your budget, you will be able to find a great option for your Mazda Miata at Auto Tops Direct. Auto Tops Direct offers high quality tops with a one-year warranty. Your car will look brand new with a Mazda Miata convertible top from Auto Tops Direct.