Porsche Convertible Tops

When it's time to get a new Porsche convertible top for your Porsche convertible, there are several factors to consider. Porsche convertibles are beautiful cars and you want to make sure you get a top that is of high quality, will make your car look great, and also fits perfectly.

When picking out your next convertible top you will need to pick out the top based on the year of your vehicle. Different types of Porsche convertibles have tops correspond specifically to the make of the car that year. For instance, if you have a Porsche Boxster convertible there are specific types of tops that will go best with this specific vehicle make. The original top for the Boxster convertible of 1997 to 2002 had a plastic window. At Auto Tops Direct you can choose to replace your top with either the original style top or a top with a glass window and defroster. You can also choose from several colors which include Graphite Grey, Space Grey and Metropol Blue. Changing up the color of your car's top can be a fun way to try a new look for your vehicle.

There are many great aspects of Porsche convertible tops from Auto Tops Direct. Auto Tops Direct has a huge selection of inventory, so you will receive your convertible top extremely quickly after you order it. The Porsche Boxster convertible tops from Auto Tops Direct have new heated glass windows that are bonded to canvas with a technique that eliminated the necessity of adding stitching and piping around the edges, as it is usually needed. The convertible tops are also extremely durable. This durability is reinforced by deck seams from the outside. Since each Boxster convertible is a little different, Auto Tops Direct guarantees that you will be able to replace your top if it does not fit your top perfectly or they will give you a total refund.

For 2005 to 2009 Boxtster and Boxster S convertibles, Auto Tops Direct has several options available. These options are made from the original German A5 Sonnenland cloth. You can also purchase a black canvas top that is made out of an upgraded German A5B/DS High level Acoustic Cloth. This is even available at no extra charge.

Auto Tops Direct is responsible for thousands of successful convertible top installations. You do not want to settle for the wrong convertible top for your Porsche Convertible. At Auto Tops Direct you will be able to find the right top for your convertible at the right price. Auto Tops Direct also offers excellent customer service. The expert sales engineers can help you select the right Porsche Convertible Top for your specific car and with the features that you want. Auto Tops Direct's track record demonstrates that they are a great company to go with for your convertible top needs based on their amazing past success rate. You can also be sure that your convertible top will be handled with expertise. The one-year warranty gives you the reassurance you need to be satisfied that you are getting a top that will last.