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What type of contact adhesive do you recommend?
Last Updated: 08/10/2016

Aerosol contact adhesive designed for bonding vinyl tops, heavyweight liners and hood silencer pads where high strength and heat resistance are needed. We prefer an aerosol contact adhesive specifically designed for bonding vinyl and canvas topping material such as the 3M Yellow Super Trim Adhesive.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast-acting, high-strength, aerosol contact adhesive
  • Resistant to heat and plasticizing oils
  • Excellent for attaching vinyl, insulation, foam, padding and rubber parts to metal and other surfaces

Stock Number: 60455036875
UPC: 0-51131-08090-4

From the Manufacturer

3M Trim Adhesive is a fast-acting, high-strength, aerosol contact adhesive for automotive repair and restoration projects. This trim adhesive creates a secure bond between materials such as vinyl, insulation, foam, padding and rubber to impervious materials such as metal. Installing new headliners and car hood installation pads are common uses for this adhesive. The trim adhesive is resistant to both heat, moisture.and plasticizing oils.

Applying the adhesive is fast and easy with the aerosol spray can. Simply be sure that both surfaces to be joined are clean and dry. Apply three coats of adhesive to each surface. Spray the third coat in the opposite direction of the first two applications. Allow the adhesive to dry until tacky, which generally takes about five minutes. Finally, mate the surface to be bonded with firm, uniform pressure.

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