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Connecting a defroster wiring harness kit in a 1997-2002 Porsche Boxster glass window top.
Last Updated: 08/10/2016

If you purchased the 1997-2002 Porsche Boxster glass window convertible top from us, it includes a new rear window defroster wiring harness.

For all Boxsters sold in the US, with heated, electric mirrors there is a connector behind the seat belt harness on the driver's side where you can plug in the wiring harness.

One side of the wiring harness plugs into the window connector. On the other side there are two defroster connectors. One side is for negative and the other side for positive.

You should be able to just plug the harness to the window and connector behind the seat belt for it to work. The glass window defroster will activate when you turn on your mirror defroster.

If you have any problems, check your fuse box for a blown or missing fuse and if everything seems to be connected properly visit one of our authorized installers in your neighborhood and let them check it out for you.

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