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If you are looking to restore your worn and weathered Jaguar soft top to its pristine original state, you will not be disappointed with our Jaguar top replacements. Made by experienced craftsmen in Southern California with the finest fabrics and threads, we guarantee the best fit, feel, and quality of construction available.
All of our Jaguar tops will have a perfect fit, thanks to our Patented Window Bonding System. This proprietary method of attaching the soft top to the window allows for a clean and finished appearance, and will prevent any leaks or separation of materials. We are so confident, we offer a lifetime warranty against failure. Read more
Thanks to key partnerships with leading suppliers in the OEM and Aftermarket industries, all of our Jaguar tops are made from the finest canvas fabrics and vinyls. This guarantees that your top will be manufactured with the correct weight, texture, and color, to keep your convertible looking its best.
Jaguar Convertible
Our Volvo soft tops are 100% GUARANTEED to fit your vehicle flawlessly straight from the box, otherwise we will offer you either a full refund of the purchase or a replacement items. Our glass window convertible tops also come with a lifetime warranty. Read more

Check Patterned after a factory original Top to ensure a great fit
Check Premium pre-shrunk, waterproof Haartz original materials
Check Cut from one bolt of material for consistent grain and color
Check Color coordinated UV resistant polyester thread
Check Seams have matching bindings
Check LIFETIME Warranty on glass window bond